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About the Ohio History Connection


The Ohio History Connection's mission is to spark discovery of Ohio history! We help people connect with Ohio’s past to understand the present and create a better future.


Our Core Values Are:

Authenticity – Valuing “real stuff” and true stories of history
Collaboration – Pursuing teamwork and sharing authority and responsibility
Relevance ­­­– Addressing the “so what?” of history for the diverse people of Ohio
Stewardship – Protecting the evidence of Ohio history


What does the Ohio History Connection do?

With over 180 staff members, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of partners in historical societies, local history groups and local and state government, the Ohio History Connection champions all Ohio history, including the 50+ historic sites in the Society's network throughout Ohio.

The Ohio History Connection’s network of historical sites includes homes and memorials associated with US presidents such as Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, or Warren G. Harding. It includes early cultures and mound building sites such as Serpent Mound, Ft. Ancient, or Newark Earthworks. Some historic sites help visitors learn about the entrepreneurial and literary genius and diversity of Ohioans. Other historic sites in the network are nature preserves and are great places to hike and take photos such as Cedar Bog or Wahkeena.

From automobiles to wedding gowns, the Ohio History Connection’s history collections document both the ordinary and extraordinary stories of Ohioans. The Society collects, preserves, catalogs, manages and makes available to the public a vast collection of about 1.6 million objects in its museums across Ohio, and in its flagship museum in the Ohio History Center. Additionally, serving as the State Archives, allows people to discover the stories of the Ohioans who built our state’s farms, industries, businesses, schools, churches, social organizations, governments, and communities.

Connecting people to the stories of Ohio is part of the daily work of the Society and is accomplished in part through educational efforts such as sponsoring National History Day in Ohio, and Ohio As America, an online textbook and curriculum for teaching the history of Ohio. Overseeing the Historical Markers program and the Local History Office are additional ways of connecting people to Ohio history.A

A division within the Society, the State Historic Preservation Office is the State Historic Preservation Office for Ohio. The Office nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places, reviews rehabilitation work to historic buildings for tax credits, reviews federally assisted projects for effects on historic properties, qualifies communities for the Certified Local Government program, and provides technical assistance and advice to the public.


Structure and Funding

The Society is a non-profit organization that is funded in part by the State of Ohio, and depends on gifts, membership revenue, volunteers, grants, and other earned revenue such as admission fees, to serve the people of Ohio.

Private gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations help support the Society’s educational programs, special projects, and general operations. Contributions of $150 or more are recognized in the Society's Annual Report and on the Foundation's web pages, while gifts of $350 or more are recognized on the Donor Wall in the “Welcome Lobby” at the Ohio History Center.


Leadership Team

Burt Logan, Executive Director & CEO
614.297.2350, blogan@ohiohistory.org

Jackie Barton, Director, Museum and Library Services
614.297.2228, jbarton@ohiohistory.org

Stephen George, Senior Advisor to the CEO
614.297.2361, sgeorge@ohiohistory.org

George Kane, Director of Historic Sites & Facilities
614.297.2441, gkane@ohiohistory.org

Todd Kleismit, Director of Community & Government Relations
614.297.2355, tkleismit@ohiohistory.org

Stacia Kuceyeski, Director of Outreach
614.297.2574, skuceyeski@ohiohistory.org

Jamison Pack, Chief Marketing Officer
614.297.2312, jpack@ohiohistory.org

Amanda Schraner Terrell, Director of State Historic Preservation Office
614.298.2002, aterrell@ohiohistory.org

Jim Walker, Chief Development Officer
614.297.2321, jwalker@ohiohistory.org

Jeff Ward, Chief Financial Officer
614.297.2401, jward@ohiohistory.org