About Section 106

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires federal agencies to consider the effects of federally assisted undertakings on historic properties. The Section 106 review process is administered by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), in partnership with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) established in each state. Ohio's State Historic Preservation Office is part of the Ohio History Connection.

Section 106 is a routine part of the planning process for projects that receive federal funding, permits, licenses, or approvals, to ensure that preservation standards are factored into a project before work is authorized to begin. It is important that consideration of historic properties occur in the early stages of a project's development so that preservation concerns can receive thorough consideration as a project is planned.

Federal agencies or their delegated authorities are required to actively consult with specific individuals and organizations with an interest in their projects throughout the Section 106 review process, in addition to considering the views of the public. This interactive process of consultation is at the heart of the Section 106 review.

The Section 106 regulations at 36 CFR Section 800.11 establish documentation standards for agencies to use in supporting their evaluation of federally assisted projects. It is the responsibility of the federal agency to provide information to the State Historic Preservation Office that:

  1. identifies historic properties,
  2. assesses their eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and
  3. determines any possible effect that a project might have on listed or eligible properties.

The State Historic Preservation Office reviews the information and responds by concurring, commenting, recommending further action, or requesting additional information.

SHPO recommends that agencies use the Section 106 Review Project Summary Form and its supporting documents to submit most routine projects for review.* The form will help streamline the Section 106 review process by improving the overall content of project submissions and reducing the need to request additional information about projects. State agencies seeking comments from the State Historic Preservation Office under Section 149.53 of the Ohio Revised Code may also use this form to provide general project information.

Project Summary Form

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

36 CFR Section 800.11

Let Us Help You

At any time during your project's development, you can contact the State Historic Preservation Office if you have questions about how to use the Project Summary Form or about the Section 106 review process. Agencies that are planning large or complex projects are strongly encouraged to contact the State Historic Preservation Office early in their project planning process, so that we can discuss alternative survey options that could help you meet your responsibilities under 36 CFR Part 800.