Ohio Supreme Court upholds lower court decisions for Ohio History Connection to acquire Octagon Earthworks lease
Posted December 7, 2022
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We are pleased to announce the Ohio History Connection can proceed with its efforts to acquire the Octagon Earthworks lease from Moundbuilders Country Club in Newark and provide full public access to the site.

On Dec. 7, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld decisions by Ohio’s Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Licking County Common Pleas Court.

The court’s decision supports our mission to make the Octagon Earthworks fully accessible to the public. It also recognizes the incredible accomplishments of American Indian ancestors in Ohio, how relevant these amazing earthworks are today and how essential their preservation and careful restoration are for the future.

Our guiding principles throughout this process have been to enable full public access to the Octagon Earthworks while ensuring Moundbuilders Country Club receives just compensation for the value of the lease.

A jury trial will be scheduled to determine the value of the lease.

Ohio History Connection Executive Director & CEO, Megan Wood, on Octagon Court Ruling

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