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We need YOU to Judge at Ohio History Day!

Calling all educators, historians, museum professionals and anyone with a love of history and community! We need your help in ensuring Ohio History Day is a HUGE success for Ohio's students.


Judges sign up to volunteer at the regional, state, or both, contest level(s). Judges evaluate the work of young researchers studying topics related to an annual theme and work in teams to review entries in a specific category, interview students, and provide written feedback. Judges will also select which projects advance from the Regional to State and National levels of competition.

Each year, we need more than 550 judges to review student projects in each of the ten (10) regional contests, as well as the State Contest. The time commitment can vary up to as little as a few hours or extend to multiple competitions in different venues.


Find your contest

Find your contest below and it's related information (date, location, and registration link). Click on the "Sign Up" link next to your preferred contest to be re-direct you to the contest registration page.

Regional Contests

  • Region 1 Contest Date: Sat., March 9, 2024 | Bowling Green State University| Sign Up 
  • Region 2 Contest Date: Sat., March 23, 2024| Terra State Community College| Sign Up
  • Region 3 Contest Date: Sat., March 2, 2024 | Cleveland History Center | Sign Up
  • Region 4 Contest Date: Sat., March 23, 2024 | Youngstown State University| Sign Up
  • Region 5 Contest Date: Sat., March 16, 2024 | McKinley Presidential Library and Museum| Sign Up
  • Region 6 Contest Date: Sat., March 9, 2024 | Ohio Statehouse| Sign Up
  • Region 7 Contest Date: Sat. March 9, 2024 | Carillon Historical Park | Sign Up
  • Region 8 Contest Date: Sat., March 16, 2024 | Cincinnati Museum Center| Sign Up
  • Region 9 Contest Date: Sat., March 2, 2024 | University of Rio Grande | Sign Up
  • Region 10 Contest Date: Sat., March 23, 2024 | Muskingum University| Sign Up

State Contest

  • Contest Date: Sat., April 20, 2024 | Capital University| Sign Up




We're glad you're back!

Please note that the NHD registration system is cleared after the National Contest each year. In order to sign-up for this year's contests, you will need to create a NEW account and password. Click on the "Judge Sign Up" tabs to find your contest and register as a judge.


We've got you covered!

In general, judges are expected to review all pre-judging materials prior to reviewing student entries and arriving at the contest. Check out the "Judge Toolkit" below to get started.

A brief orientation will take place the one hour before judging begins on the day-of the contest. Watch your email for judge information about one to two weeks in advance of the event. Please reach out to your Regional Coordinator or the State Coordinator with any questions.


Thank you!

As a judge, the Ohio History Day program, students and teachers relying on you as a critical part of the educational process. Here is what you can expect at an Ohio History Day contest, as well as what the program expects of you as a judge.

As a judge, you will:

  • Sign up in advance on the website.
  • Attend a judge orientation the morning of your contest.
  • Work with other judges to review projects, interview students and agree on a consensus ranking.
  • Select the strongest projects to advance to the next level of competition.
  • Provide constructive written feedback about each project you view.

As a judge, you are expected to:

  • Arrive on time to all contests for which you sign up and stay until the judging process is completed, especially if you signed up to judge final rounds.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if your schedule changes and you are unable to judge.
  • Remember the age of your audience. Some students are as young as 6th grade and may be nervous to discuss their work. Ask questions that prompt students to provide information based on their project and research, and be patient if they are shy or anxious.
  • Pay careful attention so you can evaluate well. Students have worked for months on their projects and are looking forward to this opportunity to share their work.
  • Avoid distractions such as personal phone calls, texts, etc. during the contest. You are the student’s main point of contact, make this experience a memorable one!
  • Let the Ohio History Day staff know right away if there are problems. We are here to help!

Question pertaining to your region?

Please reach out to your regional coordinator or email our state coordinator.

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"Seeing the students light up when they talk about their history topic is such a joy! On more than one occasion students have expressed that doing their project made them reflect on how it relates to today’s issues. It’s great to hear that they see how history is relevant."

"My favorite part about judging at History Day is talking to these passionate, well-informed students who take such ownership of their topics and the research they’ve done. It’s awesome to let them teach me about history, and I always learn something new!"

"It was wonderful to see the passion and dedication students poured into their History Day projects. My favorite moments happened when a student would talk about how their research lead them to change their perspective on a topic or reflect on their own life. It was terrific to see first-hand how the study of history can broaden a young person’s point of view."

For more information, please contact

Ohio History Day Team
Ohio History Center
800 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
Phone: 614.297.2526

Or send us a message by visiting our Contact Us page and selecting "History Day" from the drop down menu.