Submitting a Project for Section 106 Review

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) recommends that agencies use the Section 106 Review Project Summary Form and its supporting documents to submit most routine projects for review (*see exceptions below).

Based on the documentation standards found at 36 CFR Section 800.11, the Project Summary Form provides a standardized format that helps agencies organize the information necessary to complete the Section 106 review process. Contact the State Historic Preservation Office any time during project development if you have questions about the Project Summary Form or the Section 106 review process. Agencies that are planning large or complex projects are strongly encouraged to contact the State Historic Preservation Office early in project planning so that we can discuss alternative survey options to help you meet your responsibilities under 36 CFR Part 800.


Projects that should NOT use the Project Summary Form include:

  • Projects requiring a license from the Federal Communications Commission. For these projects, please submit FCC Forms 620 or 621.
  • Projects undertaken by the Ohio Department of Transportation / Federal Highway Administration.
  • Projects covered by existing agreements that include alternative procedures and documentation requirements (i.e. Nationwide Programmatic Agreements or State-level Programmatic Agreements).

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Let Us Help You Contact SHPO with any questions about how to submit a project for  Section 106 review. Agencies planning large or complex projects are strongly encouraged to conta

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