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The Registrar's Office handles Ohio History Connection's donations, loans and deaccessions. Our Collections Management Policy establishes guidelines for the acquisition, use, loan and deaccession of collections materials.

Preserving Ohio's rich heritage through the generosity of donors.

Ohio History Connection focuses its collecting priorities on items that pertain to: the formation and function of the state of Ohio; Ohio’s natural history; Ohio’s people from its first inhabitants through today; westward expansion and the Northwest Territories; and popular and scholarly research in the fields of Ohio history, archaeology, and natural history. This broad focus is often prioritized through collecting plans, which can help focus our collecting priorities for any given period. The curatorial staff reviews objects before donation and collects items with a strong Ohio connection.

The Ohio History Connection is an actively collecting institution. If you are interested in offering a donation to our collections, please call 614.297.2535 or send us a message on our "Contact Us" page by selecting "Collections" from the drop down menu.


Learn about Ohio History Connection's active lending program.

Ohio History Connection encourages the loan of collections to other educational and cultural organizations for exhibits and research. We consider loan requests from peer organizations that demonstrate professional standards of care, security, environmental control and insurance. The Registrar’s Office handles all loans of the permanent collections to other institutions and loans from individuals and organizations to Ohio History Connection.


The Collections Management Team reviews all loan requests. Once the decision is made, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office. Send your request to the mailing address below or by sending us a message on our "Contact Us" page by selecting "Collections" from the drop down menu.

Registrar's Office
Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211-2474


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Certain objects in our permanent collection are no longer relevant to our current mission and collecting focus. Deaccessioning objects allows us to better care for those that meet our current needs by providing necessary space and resources.