Project Status Check for Section 106

If you have submitted a project for review to the Resource Protection and Review (RPR) Department, please check the links below to see if it has been received. The submission links are updated weekly (typically Monday afternoon). If you have recently submitted correspondence to the RPR Department and you do not see your project listed, please check back when the next week has been posted.

Our office typically reviews submissions within 30 days after receipt. If our office received your submission, but has not responded after 30 days, please contact us. To allow us to assist you better, please provide us with the OHPO ID number   and the project name. Please keep in mind, larger or complicated projects may require additional time. If additional time is required, a reviewer will contact you.


Ohio SHPO still does not participate in the online Electronic Section 106 System. A temporary error in the FCC system has been providing inaccurate notifications to those who have been submitting projects to FCC. All FCC projects must be submitted in hard copy form to SHPO for review within the standard 30-day response period.

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Contact SHPO with any questions about how to use the Project Summary Form or about the Section 106 review process. Agencies that are planning large or complex projects are strongly

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