Educators! Looking for Professional Development Opportunities for Summer 2024?

Level-up your Social Studies Instruction!

The 8th Annual Professional Development Institute

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When: July 22, 2024, from 9 am to 3 pm (registration and breakfast starts at 8 am)

Where: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio) Format: In-Person

Cost: $120 per participant

The School & Teacher Support team from the Ohio History Connection invites you to our 8th Annual Professional Development Institute. The goal of this workshop is to bring social studies teachers and educators together and provide them with the opportunity to learn and discuss new ideas and resources that can be implemented in their classroom in the coming school year and beyond.

Throughout this day, educators will participate in various sessions focused on best practices for teaching social studies content. This year we are happy to have sessions tailored to social studies standards for elementary grade bands and middle/high school grade bands. To provide a unique and engaging program, we have collaborated with experts from the Myaamia Center, the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, and the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education.



Best Practices of Social Studies

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in Partnership with Ashland University

When: June 26th and 27th, 2024, from 8:30 am-12:30 pm (plus asynchronous work time)

Where: Virtually through Zoom Format: Virtual

Cost: $225 per participant

The Best Practices of Social Studies course is designed with novice or beginner teachers in mind. Participants will participate in sessions around community in the classroom, how to grow comprehension of social studies content, and building student choice and engagement into the social studies classroom. Teachers will leave the sessions with practical examples, resources, and activities they can implement immediately in their classrooms.


*Graduate credit will be granted upon completion of all requirements. *

Free Workshops: 30-60 minutes, live sessions, offered virtually only on-demand

The intersection between object-based and inquiry-based learning

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Inquiry is an active learning process that allows students to investigate questions linked to curriculum standards and specific teaching objectives. When an inquiry process is enhanced by using objects, we can cover specific concepts while supporting students' curiosity through observation and reflection. Participants will be exposed to three lesson plans that focus on specific ODE social studies, SEL and ELA learning standards, and that use objects as the main inspiration for inquiry. Together we will discuss the effectiveness of this approach.

What Happens If I Push This Button? – Explore Ohio as America

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This is your chance to take a deeper look into our award-winning digital curriculum. If you have questions about managing assessments, grading, and additional features of our online curriculum, this is your chance to get information directly from our new content coordinator.

Advanced Workshops: live sessions, offered virtually or in-person on-demand (For Schools and School Districts)

Teaching Inclusive History

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Inclusive history includes multiple perspectives and highlight the voices, experiences and stories that have been left out of traditional textbooks and other educational resources. In this workshop we will provide practical ideas and inclusive history best practices that you can utilize in your classroom and in your curriculum.

The Science of Reading and Social Studies

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How does the Science of Reading support Social Studies instruction and vice-versa? In this session we will learn about the connection between these two subjects and discuss actionable strategies that you can use in your classroom to support comprehension in both ELA and social studies. This session is tailored by grade-level band and offers practical examples of how to intentionally incorporate the Science of Reading with Social Studies. 



Connecting Social Studies, Engineering and Mathematics in the Classroom

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Integrating science and social studies curricula is easier than you think. With these engaging, and hands-on lesson plans you can combine social studies content with STEM education. We'll share ideas to show step-by-step how to create and implement interdisciplinarity to your classroom. We will share information about useful and free STEM resources that can help social studies teachers to incorporate hands-on activities that go well with social studies content standards. Additionally we will discuss the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary approaches.

Using Project-Based Learning to Develop Curious Students

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Project-based learning can be a powerful tool to upgrade student inquiries to be more authentic and focused on taking action. Teachers will discover how PBL doesn’t just engage students in inquiry, but gives them the tools to identify and nurture their passions and unique interests. During the session’s accompanying activity, teachers will get a hands-on lesson to get them thinking and talking about PBL –as well as ways to incorporate PBL into their classroom.

Powerful Teaching and Learning - Useful Ideas for Gifted Education

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We’ll discuss ideas and tools generated by Ohio History Connection to support meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active social studies learning. With specific activities around inquiry, evidence-based and project-based learning, we will provide examples that allow the flexibility and differentiation required by diverse and gifted learners in regular classrooms.

Press Start! A Guide to Game-Based Learning in Your Classroom

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Whether it’s a simulation in the classroom, a family night of board games, or a video game at home, the medium of games is essential to learning through experience. How can teachers bring this medium to the classroom? The curriculum creators at Ohio History Connection will connect teachers to resources through this workshop! Teachers will learn about game-learning theory and play with a myriad of tabletop games, board games, video games, and simulations that can be applied to the classroom. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher looking for a way to roleplay social-emotional learning or an APUSH teacher wanting to simulate the American Revolution, this workshop will equip teachers to instruct through the most entertaining medium possible.

Advanced workshops - Pricing

(For Schools and School Districts)
Workshop Virtual In-Person*
Teaching Inclusive History-Practical Ideas and Best Practices for your Classroom$800$2400
The Science of Reading and Social Studies$800$2400
Connecting Social Studies, Engineering, and Mathematics in the Classroom$800$2400
Using Project-Based Learning to Develop Curious Students$800$2400
Powerful Teaching and Learning-Useful Ideas for Gifted Education$800$2400
Press Start! A Guide to Game-Based Learning in Your Classroom$800$2400

*In-Person Workshops include 1-2 sessions and materials



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