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The Ohio History Connection maintains a network of more than 50 historic sites and museums throughout the state, ranging in focus from prehistoric cultures to former U.S. Presidents to natural history. The Exhibit Design and Interpretation Department at the Ohio History Connection designs and oversees the installation of exhibitions. At each site, the team creates an unique exhibit experience that help captures the visitor's attention while providing excellent history content.

Adena Mansion Exhibit

Interactive exhibits that use stories connected to Adena give visitors a picture of life in Ohio in the early 1800s. Visit the site.

Armstrong Air & Space Exhibit

Exhibits chronicle the space program from the early years of Neil Armstrong’s life to the Soviet Space Race, Gemini and Apollo missions, and the shuttle program. Visit the site.

Buckeye Furnace Exhibit

A period store that is stocked with items that would have been typical in the Buckeye Furnace Store. Visit the site.

Campus Martius Exhibit

The exhibit includes artifacts, audio accounts, video views, and interactive computer programs. Visit the site.

Cedar Bog Exhibit

The Cedar Bog Education Center and boardwalk exhibits help point out the many rare plants and animals that are on display throughout the year. Visit the site.

Custer Monument Exhibit

A bronze statue stands on the site of George Armstrong Custer's birthplace. Visit the site.

Fort Ancient Exhibit

The Museum at Fort Ancient contains 9000 sq. ft. of exhibits, including many interactive units, focusing on 15,000 years of American Indian history in the Ohio Valley. Visit the site.

Fort Hill Exhibit

Fort Hill State Memorial is a nature preserve containing one of the best preserved Indian hilltop enclosures in North America. Visit the site.

Fort Recovery Exhibit

The exhibits tell the stories leading up to the Battle on the Wabash in 1791 and the Battle of Fort Recovery in 1794, and their associated aftermath. Visit the site.

Johnston Farm Exhibit

John Johnston's numerous contributions to the growth of early Ohio and settlement of frontier America are presented in a truly unique and beautiful setting. Visit the site.

National Road Museum Exhibit

The exhibit tells tells the story of U.S. 40, the old National Road that came to be called “the Main Street of America”.  The museum also features an exhibit on Zane Grey, the famous Zanesville western story writer, and an exhibit on the history of the Zanesville pottery industry. Visit the site.

Newark Earthworks Exhibit 

The exhibit includes an interactive video, a timeline of Ohio's ancient cultures, and info about the Newark Earthworks. Visit the site.

Paul Laurence Dunbar House Exhibit

Paul Laurence Dunbar is one of America’s greatest poets and he spent almost his entire life in Ohio. Visit the site.

Serpent Mound Exhibit

The museum contains exhibits on the effigy mound and the geology of the surrounding area. Visit the site.

Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor Exhibit

Videos, artifacts, photographs, and reconstructed scenes are used thought out the exhibit. Visit the site.

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