Fort Meigs: After Dark Lantern Tour
Jun. 22 2024
Fort Meigs 29100 West River Road, Perrysburg, OH, USA Open in Google Map
Visitor Center Doors open at 8:15
Tour Begins at 8:45
2 Hour Walking Tour

A unique opportunity to explore Fort Meigs after hours and in the dark. This is a military history tour examining the US Army from the War of 1812 and its activities after sundown. Led by guides and lantern light, audience members see and hear the evening parade, the locking of the gates, sleeping conditions, guard postings and the musical performance of the tattoo. Emotional context is gained through the reading of soldiers’ diaries and hearing the real orders given by commanders at Fort Meigs. This is a two-hour walking tour.

Tickets are $17/Adult & $15/Senior.

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