Ohio Women’s Activism: A Blog Series

Ohio Women’s Activism: A Blog Series

By Kieran Robertson

This blog series is complete! Check out this full list with links to each blog:
October 2019- Three Ohio Women You Should Know
November 2019- An Autobiography of An Activist: Julia Applegate
December 2019-Valiant Visionaries of the Vote
January 2020- Spelling Reform, Phonetic Type, and Woman Suffrage
February 2020- Kylie Dreamz Big: The Story of One of Ohio’s Youngest Entrepreneurs 
March 2020- Celebrating Lethia Cousins Fleming
April 2020- Educated, Activist Women Who Opened College Doors for the Rest of Us
May 2020- The Making of a Suffragist: Belle Sherwin and Women Activism

June 2020-“Give Us the Ballot, Men of Ohio! Give your Women the Help They Beg into a Broader, Deeper, Richer Life”
July 2020-Women in the Black Lives Matter Movement: Stories From Our Current Moment
August 2020-Factory Workers and Farmers
September 2020- Combatting COVID- How Women Warriors Are Winning the Battle
October 2020- The Vote Was Just Part of the Quest for Equal Female Representation

You may have heard that in August 2020 the 19th Amendment will be 100 years old.  This amendment gave many women the right to vote by making it illegal to discriminate against voters on the basis of sex. Even though this exciting anniversary is almost a whole year away, many history organizations, including the Ohio History Connection have begun working hard to plan commemoration activities.

One of those activities is set to begin right here on the History Blog next month! From October 2019-October 2020, we will be featuring a special guest blogger once a month to commemorate the suffrage anniversary.

We have chosen to commemorate the 19th Amendment by celebrating the entire history of Ohio women’s activism -from the state’s earliest days to the present. The passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920 was neither the beginning nor the end of women’s activism. In fact, it is important to remember that even after 1920, many women had to continue to fight for the right to vote, because of unrelenting racial discrimination at the ballot box.

Over the coming year you will hear from women all over Ohio about the historic activists they study or the activism they are engaged in today. Make sure you keep checking back for some very exciting stories!

Can’t wait until October? Check out a few of the posts from our Ohio Memory blog here or here. You can also check out resources or find events to attend through the Ohio Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission or the national Women’s Suffrage Centennial Comission. Last, but not least, you can now browse records from the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame online!

We hope to see you back here in October as we kick off the new blog series and get to work celebrating women’s activism across Ohio! We’ve got some amazing guests lined up, and we can’t wait for you to hear their stories. See you soon!

Posted September 6, 2019

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