September 19, 2022

Depression-Era Recipes from an Inmate at the Ohio Penitentiary

Explore a unique cookbook that a prisoner at the Ohio Penitentiary created for the assistant warden's wife in 1931.

August 5, 2022

New Acquisition of Kenyon Hayden Architecture Portfolio

By Lisa Wood, Audiovisual Curator The Ohio History Connection Archives & Library recently received the generous donation of a student portfolio by Kenyon Hayden. She studied architecture at The Ohio State University and became, if not the first, one of the earliest licensed female architects in Ohio. This portfolio complements the personal papers of Kenyon […]

May 31, 2022

Hide and Seek: Finding Kids in the Archives

We found examples of child-created materials among the manuscripts collection at the Archives Library of the Ohio History Center.

May 13, 2022

Significant Grant Family Photographs in the Ohio History Connection Collections

Significant Grant family photographs in the collections of the Ohio History Connection illustrate the life of Civil War General and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant.

March 13, 2022

Deciphering the Past through Photographs

January 11, 2022

John Fisher’s Extraordinary Ledger

In 2015, the Ohio History Connection Manuscripts/Audiovisual Department received an unassuming 19th century Ohio account ledger which turned out not to be so ordinary...

November 9, 2021

Chief Glenna J. Wallace: Leader of the Seventh Generation

In 2006, the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma elected their first female chief in the tribe’s modern history, Chief Glenna J. Wallace.

October 25, 2021

James Brown Makes History at King Records in Cincinnati

When James Brown and his band arrived at 1540 Brewster Avenue in Cincinnati in May of 1967, it probably didn’t feel like history in the making. But it was.

September 22, 2021

The AIDS Crisis is Not Over: 40 Years of Activism

In the Ohio History Connection’s archives, researchers can find documentation of the Columbus community’s fight to raise awareness of AIDS.

September 17, 2021

From Root to Leaf: Tracing Past and Future Family Trees

Join OHC intern Quincy Balius to learn about the history of genealogy and the inclusion efforts that may redefine the future of family research.