March 15, 2023

Natural History’s “Green” collections

In honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday we delved into our Natural History collections to showcase five of our green specimens and tell their stories!

February 20, 2023

The Deep Woods Insect Collection

By David Dyer, Natural History Curator When we were first contacted about the possible donation of a Deep Woods collection I was immediately intrigued. As a hiker who seeks out trail-less wilderness areas around the country, the concept of “deep woods” is never far from my thoughts (and no, not the insect repellant!). As I […]

January 24, 2023

Four Outdoor Natural History Sites You Should Visit this Winter (+ our picks for a coffee or hot chocolate stop for after your visit!)

Get bundled up and head out to one of these Ohio History Connection sites this winter to get out of the house and get a new perspective on our state’s incredible natural history.

August 23, 2022

Peering Back In Time – 19th Century Microscope Slides of William Sullivant

An unassuming dark wooden cabinet on the shelves in the collections revealed beautiful 19th century microscope slides from William Sullivant.

April 27, 2022

Ask a Curator: Natural History and Archaeology Object Identification Event

Join our curatorial team as we help our visitors to determine what it is they think they have in their own personal collection.

April 22, 2022

How to Find a Mastodon – The Story of the Williams Mastodon

By David Dyer, Natural History Curator, with Emily George Emily George was on a mission. She had heard about the Williams mastodon while growing up, and about how her grandfather Gus George had helped excavate the skeleton in Columbus in the mid-1950s. After talking with her family about the mastodon for a school genealogy project […]

January 18, 2022

What is it? – Identification of Natural History Objects

Many interesting natural objects can be found while out hiking, walking along a streambed, or digging on your property.

October 8, 2021

Restoring a Sense of Wonder

“I fell in love with every bird I met and everything they did. Their world, my world, was all new. I swooned to kinglets, warblers, tanagers...

September 1, 2021

It’s About Time – A New Ice Age Carnivore Found in Ohio!

Those of us interested in the fauna of the Ice Age (or Pleistocene epoch) are always on the lookout for the Big Two. One of these, the dire wolf, has recently been discovered!

July 14, 2021

Celebrating World Snake Day 2021

World Snake Day 2021 is Friday, July 16! Want to learn more about these misunderstood animals?