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Following in Ancient FootstepsBringing you on a journey into the worlds & cultures of ancient people of Ohio.
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Recent discoveries are presented as well as other remarkable archaeological discoveries. Some of the most famous artifacts ever found in Ohio are displayed in cases and drawers for you to explore.

Faces of the Past

Many beautiful artifacts from the ancient past are enigmatic because they are unfamiliar to modern people in terms of their functions. Faces created of copper or stone, such as the Copper Face Effigy from the Hopewell Mound Group, or the McBride Effigy Pipe, are riveting in part because they literally put a “face” on the experiences of a people who lived long ago.

Encountering the Sacred

Explore what archaeologists have learned about earthen mounds and ceremonial artifacts and their relation to the sacred lives of the ancient people in Ohio. Many of the artifacts include depictions of wildlife. This collection is near the windows to look outdoors into the Ohio History Center Bird Sanctuary. Reflect on serene thoughts of the sacred while considering the native wildlife.

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