Meet our Summer Interns (part 1)

My name is Katherine Oberdier and I am starting an internship at the Ohio History Connection this summer. I am a junior at Kent State University studying Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology. I was born and raised in the Columbus area and throughout my childhood I went to the Ohio History Center as well as other historic and cultural sites. I have always wanted to work in a museum because museums bring things together and knowledge is attainable.  I love learning and experiencing how things interact and grow together.

At Kent State I chose to major in Anthropology with my concentration as Archaeology because I enjoy history and figuring out how everything influences one another. I am fascinated by the stories that can be told by the things that were left behind. I hope that I will be able to learn many stories about the past in my future.

This summer I am working on a collection of Upper Mercer flint artifacts that was collected from the 1960s through the early portion of the 1990s. This collection was acquired from another museum and it is my responsibility to organize the boxes, clean the flint, and document what I find. So far I have enjoyed the experience and among all the flint I have found a sheep or goat tooth, some slate pendants, and many net sinkers.

Stay tuned for more updates on my experience as an Archaeology Lab intern!

Posted June 24, 2016
Topics: American Indian HistoryArchaeologyDaily LifeNatural History

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