Call for Participants: Marking Diverse Ohio Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted October 12, 2023

The Gay Ohio History Initiative (GOHI) at the Ohio History Connection is recruiting members for our upcoming Community of Practice (CoP)! The CoP is part of Marking Diverse Ohio (MDO), a special project of GOHI in partnership with Equality Ohio and Dr. Susan Ferentinos, author of Interpreting LGBT History at Museums and Historic Sites.

The CoP is intended to be a group of history enthusiasts who are passionate about preserving Ohio’s LGBTQ+ past. The group will be facilitated by GOHI and will provide a space for people who are already passionate about Ohio LGBTQ+ history to learn about the best practices for historic preservation. We have found that people often feel isolated in their work on local LGBTQ+ history, so the CoP is meant to help connect people and allow for robust collaboration with people from around the state.

We aim to facilitate learning discussions between members of the CoP.

We also aim to facilitate discussions between the CoP and LGBTQ+ archives and collections in Ohio.

We will host several in-person and virtual workshops, including:

The CoP will go on a field trip to visit Sewah Studios in Marietta to tour the machine shop where all our Ohio Historical Markers are manufactured.

CoP members will receive a yearly stipend of $500 over the three-year MDO project period, as well as a complimentary household membership to the Ohio History Connection.

In-person gatherings will take place at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. If travel expenses are an obstacle, GOHI may be able to provide financial support for milage.

GOHI’s goal is to convene a CoP that is diverse and represents the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ communities in Ohio. We encourage folks from all personal and professional backgrounds to apply!

GOHI aims to encourage the group to become a self-sustained Ohio LGBTQ+ History Advisory Council, with GOHI stepping away from the helm to allow the group to function independently.

The outcomes we hope to facilitate are:

  • CoP members will be presented with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the MDO project, signed by GOHI and Ohio History Connection’s Executive Director.
  • CoP members will increase their knowledge of Ohio LGBTQ+ history.
  • CoP members will make connections between themselves and with other LGBTQ+ organizations.
  • CoP members may choose to form an Ohio LGBTQ+ History Advisory Council that will continue to gather, discover, share, uplift, and advocate for Ohio’s LGBTQ+ history after the project period.
  • The Ohio LGBTQ+ History Advisory Council will provide community guidance and accountability for GOHI during and after the MDO project.
If you are an LGBTQ+ history enthusiast and interested in participating in the GOHI CoP, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

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