Free talk on “Magnificent Monsters of the Ice Age”!

This coming Saturday, September 13th, Bob Glotzhober, Curator Emeritus of Natural History, will be presenting his popular talk “Those Magnificent Monsters of the Ice Age.” It will be free to the public, at the Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library at 270 Lilly Chapel Road, West Jefferson, Ohio at 10:30 a.m. He will certainly talk about the “monsters” that fascinate so many people, but he’ll spend more time with some of the lesser known extinct animals like the Giant Beaver and the Stag-moose. A skeleton of the Stag-moose was excavated by three OHC staff near Medina in 2008 – and it has some huge tooth marks on the bones. Bob and Dr. Greg McDonald are still trying to build sufficient evidence for the predator that they think ate (and perhaps killed) this 1,000 pound relative of the modern moose – and Bob will share their evidence to date for this theory. Bob will end the talk with a discussion on theories as to why these “mega-fauna” disappeared at the close of the Ice Age. Should be fun – come join us!

Posted September 9, 2014

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