Fort Hill: Great Trees, Great Flowers, Great Blog

Written by Curator Emeritus Bob Glotzhober

I recently posted a blog about upcoming wildflower hikes at Fort Hill which I’ll be leading. Fort Hill has been one of my favorite sites in Ohio since I first discovered it in 1980.

On March 21st I was thrilled to see a blog by upcoming nature photographer/botanist A. L. Gibson. On that day he had made his first ever visit to Fort Hill discovering Snow Trillium in bloom, some of our big, old trees and other winter/spring transitional signs. Gibson’s photos are fantastic and his enthusiasm for all things natural are wonderful. Having not made it out to Fort Hill myself this winter, his posting was most refreshing.

Gibson has agreed to allow us to link to his Blog post Snow Trillium and Big Trees at Fort Hill, so that those of you who follow our Ohio Historical Society Archaeology Blog can see this great posting also.  



Bob Glotzhober
Senior Curator of Natural History


Posted March 25, 2013
Topics: Natural History

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