Can I Get This Map Scanned?

The Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce the recent installation of a large format scanner. The scanner was purchased from Better Light, Inc. of San Carlos, California. Better Light is considered one of leaders in the development of high-quality digital imaging equipment. Funding for the purchase came from a grant from the Graves Foundation. The addition of the large format scanner makes scanning oversize materials a more efficient process. Stitching is no longer needed on items that are 45 in width and under. This will allow OHS to begin to digitize map collections as well as oversize collections. OHS would also like to welcome outside institutions to submit their oversize materials for digitization. There is a $25.00 set-up fee for scanning on the large format scanner. The cost per item is $5.00/item for items under 30 in width and $10.00/item for items over 30 in width. Scans can be made available through online pick-up or a DVD can be sent for an additional $5.00.

Posted February 21, 2010
Topics: Daily Life
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