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The listserv allows for the open discussion of records management/archival issues being faced by Ohio's local government entities.

Ohio Local Government Records Management Listserv

  • Do you have a records management/archives question?
  • Do you think other local government entities would also benefit from knowing the answer to the question that you want to ask the State Archives Local Government Records Program?
  • Does your local government have an innovative approach to solving a records management problem and you would like to share that approach?
  • Would you like to receive email notices when the public records law has changed, when the LGRP website is updated, along with other announcements from the LGRP?

This is a public forum and discussion on the forum could be considered a public record. The Local Government Records Program serves as moderator and all members will be approved by the moderator before joining. This prevents possible spam. The moderator has the authority to ban members for spamming or posting inappropriate materials.

To join please send an email to localrecs@ohiohistory.org requesting entry.  Please note that this group is available only to employees of local government entities.  

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