Your Tax Return Can Make History


Throughout the upcoming tax season, you’ll hear from four famous Ohioans as they support Ohio history on their state tax returns. Annie Oakley, Wilbur and Orville Wright and Ulysses S. Grant are on hand again this year to spread the word about the Ohio History Connection’s History Fund campaign. Through online videos, the four are offering light-hearted reminders about contributing to the competitive grant program.

Annie Oakley kicks off the campaign followed by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the Wright Brothers .

In its first two years, the History Fund has created grants that help support local history and preservation-related projects all across Ohio. By selecting “The Ohio Historical Society” (doing business as the Ohio History Connection) as a donation fund on your state tax returns, you can support the History Fund grant program that benefits our communities and helps preserve Ohio’s stories.

So far, Ohio taxpayers made 20 history projects possible. In our last fiscal year which ended this past June, Ohioans had contributed $165,000 to the History Fund, with an average contribution of around $9. “Last year, Ohio taxpayers helped repair leaking roofs across the state, conserve rare Wright Brothers photos in Dayton and preserve Slavic heritage in Cleveland,” says Andy Verhoff, History Fund grants manager.

“The first two years of the History Fund campaign have been a huge win for Ohio history,” says Burt Logan, executive director and CEO of the Ohio History Connection. “For just a few dollars, Ohioans have helped to restore historic buildings, promote education and ensure the accessibility of our state’s heritage for years to come.”

The History Fund needs to raise at least $150,000 this coming tax season to stay on Ohio’s tax forms for the next two years.

Verhoff says, “If every donor gives just $9 or $10 on their tax forms, we’ll easily cross that $150,000 threshold and have even more money to grant in support of local history.”

History Fund

The History Fund creates grants to help support local history and preservation-related projects in communities throughout Ohio. It’s funded by Ohio taxpayers that select “Ohio Historical Society” as a donation fund on their state tax returns. For more information about the History Fund grant program and how to apply for grants, visit or contact our Local History office at 614. 298.2341 or email [email protected].


Posted January 26, 2015

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