Wright State Field School Week 4 Visitors

Hello all,

A hot and humid week greeted the workers who are seen here enjoying a well deserved cookie break in the shade. As word gets out about the ongoing field work, more and more people are stopping by to see what is going on. Pictured here is a group from the Warren County Historical Society.

Local newspapers have run stories on the excavations and one of them sparked the interest of Gini Massey. Gini saw the story and thought Fort Ancient would be a great placeto bring her grandchildren this summer. Helping students Brian Beirsdorfer and Patricia Brechlin screen dirt from Trench A are Cole Hutzel (age 10 from Mason, OH), and Hunter and Codi Massey (ages 10 and 12 from Virginia Beach, VA).

Posted July 20, 2006
Topics: Archaeology

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