Wright State Field School Week 4 Feature Post


Wright State Field School Week 4 Feature Post

Yes, I called this submission the Feature post. It focuses on some features found this week and some of them are post features. Pun intended 🙂 Anyway I thought it was funny but maybe I’m just suffering from the heat…

Trench A revealed some post molds. This first picture shows Feature 06 – 2 & 3. Here you see two darker soil stains intruding into the yellow soil. These are post molds with chinking stones that were used to help fix the post in place.

Another example in Trench A is feature 1. You can see the darker stain to the left of the rocks.
Trench B was finally completely exposed. In this picture you see a light patch in the upper left of the trench. This may be a structure floor. In front of this is a dark soil which is next to a large, red burned circle (towards the center of the picture). And in the foreground of the shot is a gravel layer. These features are just now being opened up and explored by the students.
What will the results be? Check in next week…


Posted July 20, 2006
Topics: Archaeology

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