Wright State Field School Week 3 Student Submission


Wright State Field School Week 3 Student Submission

The following is a week 3 update of Trench B excavations by Angela Chavez, a Ph.D student in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso

“Trench B update 15 July 2006 – We have our first feature, Fea. 06-4, several rocks encircling an area of very dark soil. Don’t know if it is a hearth or a posthole or something totally different.

On Monday (10 July) I found the first projectile point from trench B.

We had a rain day on Tuesday, and used it to wash and catalogue the artifacts we have collected so far. We finished cataloguing on Wednesday afternoon, and as it was still raining we quit at 12:30.

Thursday, we troweled the entire 6 meter by 8 meter portion that has been excavated to get a better picture of the patterns of soil colors in the trench. The afternoon was spent photographing the trench from various angles.

Friday, we mapped the third 2 meter section (512-520N, 758-760E) in the morning, and spent the afternoon excavating the last 2 meter section (760-762E) to get it down to the level of the rest of the trench. We had a visitor from Newark, Mary Borgia, who helped excavate and sift, and found a large, near-complete bladelet.”

Posted July 16, 2006
Topics: Archaeology

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