A recent story in the Columbus Dispatch, The Day the Aliens Called Jerry Ehman, recounts the story of the unusual space signal that was picked up by the Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio observatory in Delaware on August 7, 1977. Jerry Ehman was monitoring the Big Ear when the signal came through and wrote “Wow!” on the computer print out. To this day no one is really sure what the signal meant, but the possibility that it was intelligent life has never been proven or disproven. The original print out is preserved in the Ohio Historical Society Archives. It is part of the North American Astrophysical Observatory Records, call number MSS 1151.]
Original print out of the mysterious WOW! signal.
This collection is available to researchers in the Archives/Library reading room during open hours. What is the meaning of “6EQUJ5” ? Everyone is welcome to develop their own theory!

Posted July 3, 2010
Topics: Daily Life
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