Where is it now? Collections from the former History of Flight Museum

Where is it now? Collections from the former History of Flight Museum


Since acquiring the collections of the Ohio History of Flight museum in 2000, Ohio History Connection staff have worked to bring items out of storage and display them for visitors to enjoy at the History Center and other institutions. Currently, two planes can be seen hanging above the Plaza level at the History Center: the Alliance Argo and the Aeronca C-2. Additionally, attempts are made to permanently transfer or loan aircraft, displays and other equipment to local aviation museums. Maybe you’ve visited some of the places listed below and have seen a few of these items on exhibit.

Pieces from the collection are highlighted at the following locations:

Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society Museum, Cincinnati, OH – 1950s Smith Termite Airplane http://www.cahslunken.org/index.htm

Dayton History, Dayton, OH – ¾ Scale Model of the 1914 Wright Model-G http://www.daytonhistory.org/

Ernie Hall Aviation Museum, Warren, OH – Replica of an 1890s glider and replica of a 1911 Bleriot Monoplane; display pieces on loan to the museum include a mounted zeppelin prop, Warner Scarab radial engine on mount, Continental A-40 engine on mount, and the recently delivered BD-5J Microjet

Historical Aircraft Squadron, Carroll, OH – American Eaglet RF-1 Sailplane and the Benson Gyrocoptor; the Culver Cadet is also on loan for display.

Liberty Aviation Museum, Port Clinton, OH – Currently on loan is the Culver Dart, Szekely engine on mount, and Wasp engine cutaway.

Mott’s Military Museum – The Benson Gyroglider and replica model of a Piper J3 Cub   http://www.mottsmilitarymuseum.org/

Tri-State Warbird Museum – Allison V-1710 engine display loaned for exhibit

WACO Air Museum, Troy, OH – On loan to the museum are the WACO 9 and WACO 10 planes, along with a Curtiss OX-5 engine, and an adapted Ford Model T Fuel Truck

Lesley Poling, Registrar


Posted August 25, 2015
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