What’s in Your Backyard?

What’s in Your Backyard?

In Ohio, the boundaries between humans and nature bleed together in a way quite unlike many other states. Here, it is not uncommon to catch a snapping turtle basking on a bike lane after a midsummer rain or a rat snake slithering through a farmer’s field. On a walk, one might spot a soaring bald eagle or scurrying fox. In suburbs or cities, one can catch a glimpse of migratory geese honking in ponds or the occasional deer plucking at the grass in a public park. Even the canopies of the trees we plant as shade and decoration are teeming with life – chattering squirrels, chirping birds, and innumerable insects and other invertebrates.

Our backyard is filled with countless natural wonders. Here at Ohio History Connection, we seek to understand the natural world around us and how humans relate to it. One of the best ways to interact with your surroundings is to do physical exercise in nature. In our “Green Exercise!” activity, we invite students to discover what’s hidden in their own backyard by choosing a physical activity they enjoy most and jotting down the different sites, sounds, smells they encounter. Not only does it open their eyes to the world around them, but improves their physical and mental health!

Looking for other ways to interact with nature? Then join us on January 25-30 for Wild Ohio Week! Through our natural history programming, you’ll learn more about the plants and animals that call Ohio home – all from the comfort of your home! You can learn more about the week’s events by visiting www.ohiohistory.org/wildohio!

Posted January 19, 2021

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