What is this unusual structure!? Freak of the Week #8

Freak of the Week #8 Freak of the Week #8

Teeth present in the specimen
Teeth present in the specimen

Here is an unusual looking object, but not as uncommon as it might appear! What is it? What animal is it from? What is its function? (Hint: it IS from Ohio.) We’ll give the answer in a few days, but it won’t be in this blog! Stay tuned for details… By the way, I’ve already talked to one teacher who is going to use the Freak of the Week series in her class on Natural History next semester. This would make a great resource for teachers in biology or natural history, and the students would love it! It’s an innovative way to open up discussion on a variety of topics. Keep the F.o.W. in mind if you’re a teacher, or feel free to forward to a teacher that you know.


Posted December 5, 2013

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