What is this small skull!? (And upcoming workshop!) FoW#21


FoW#21 004 Anterior view of the skull.

Anterior view of the skull.

Here’s a skull for this week’s Freak of the Week. What species is it from? Hint: it’s small, less than 2 inches in length, and is from Ohio.

One reason that we selected a skull for this week’s Freak is that this Saturday, August 9, the Ohio History Connection will be conducting a workshop titled “Skull Sleuths: Identifying Animal Skulls”. It will be held at Wahkeena Nature Preserve, one of the Ohio History Connection sites, located just 6 miles south of Lancaster off U.S. Hwy. 33. It will be taught by yours truly, and will run from 10 AM – 2 PM. We’ll look at lots of skulls, and learn how to identify them by the shape and features of the skull and by the using dental charts. If you like the Freak of the Week feature on this blog, then you’ll love the “Freaks” session of the workshop, where participants will use their new-found knowledge to interpret several unusual animal skulls.


Posted August 5, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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