Fallen Timbers Battlefield Memorial Park

Visit a park at the site of the 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers, one of the most important battles in our nation's development

Fallen Timbers Battlefield Memorial Park

Masks are no longer required but please practice social distancing whenever possible.


See monuments honoring Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne and the soldiers and American Indians who died in 1794 during the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the final battle of the Northwest Indian Wars. A National Historic Landmark, this park is located near the Maumee River. Average visit time: Allow 1+ hours


The Battle of Fallen Timbers, August 20, 1794, has been called the “last battle of the American Revolution” and one of the three most important battles in the development of our nation. The decisive victory by the Legion of the United States over a confederacy of Indian tribes opened the Northwest Territory, a five-state region unceded by the native inhabitants, for westward expansion and led to Ohio’s statehood in 1803.

The battle took place amid trees toppled by a tornado just north of the Maumee River in the present-day city of Maumee.

Fallen Timber Battlefield Memorial Park is managed locally by the Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo area.

  • Audiences: K-5th Grade Students, 6-8th Grade Students, 9-12th Grade Students, Higher Education Students, Educators, Families, Government, Specialists, Tourists, Community Groups, History Enthusiasts & Sports Fans
  • Historical Topics: American Indian History, Military & Settlement & Statehood
  • Regions: Northwest Ohio
  • Site Activities: Self-Guided
  • Museum & Site Type: Historical Marker & Ohio History Connection Site