Unusual vertebrae are found in Ohio! Freak of the Week #35


Unusual vertebrae - FoW #35. Unusual vertebrae – FoW #35

It’s always fun to see what people discover around the state and send in to us! A few years ago these two vertebrae were uncovered when dredging the bottom of a lake in northeastern Ohio. Then this photo was sent to us recently asking for our help in identifying the bones. Often when bones in this size range are found they turn out to be cattle or horse. So I compared the photo to the cow and horse vertebrae in our collection. They looked somewhat similar to these species, but I couldn’t get an exact match. Of course there are size differences between breeds of domestic animals, and even between individuals of the same breed or species. However, as hard as I tried I just could not get a match. I just had a gnawing feeling that this wasn’t something I’d seen before.

So what are these from!? Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to identify these by next week! Put your answer in the “Comment” box below. Note they are not from a mastodon or mammoth; they are too small to be from these species. Have fun!

Posted April 22, 2015
Topics: Natural History

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