The Adena Pipe at Wendy’s by Sarah

Occasionally, when I do a program for a school the students send me ‘thank you’ notes. Often these notes are charming, but I can’t remember ever receiving ‘thank yous’ as colorful and creative as the batch I received today from Jackson Center School. Last week, I presented a Distance Learning program for Mrs. Elmore’s 4th Grade Class in Jackson Center. They chose the ‘Ask the Archaeologist’ program, which I enjoy particularly, because it gives me a chance to respond to whatever questions the students might have about Ohio archaeology. One of the questions was ‘what is your favorite artifact?’ Well, as I told the students, that’s a hard one to answer, because there are so many amazing artifacts in the collections of the Ohio Historical Society. How could I choose just one? But then I thought of the Adena Effigy Pipe and how students at the Columbus School for Girls had worked so hard to have it designated as Ohio’s State Artifact. The Adena Effigy Pipe certainly is one of my favorite artifacts, so that’s what I picked. (Ask me again some time and my answer might change.) Anyway, during the program I shared the picture of the replica of the Adena Effigy Pipe in front of the Eiffel Tower, which I posted to this blog after going to Paris to assist in the installation of the pipe in a new exhibit at the Musée du Quai Branly. According to a letter I received from Mrs. Elmore, the students enjoyed that picture so much that they decided to create their own images of the Adena Effigy Pipe at various local landmarks in Jackson Center and Shelby County.

The Adena Pipe at the Rhine Church by Kieran

I wish I could share all of them on this blog, but I’m posting a selection so you can see why I found them so special. On behalf of Mrs. Elmore and her class, “We hope you enjoy our adventures of Adena Man!” Brad Lepper

The Adena Pipe at the Elder Theater by Serenity

The Adena Pipe at the Jackson Center water tower by McKenzie



Posted April 24, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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