Summer Exploration: Inside & Outside the Classroom

With another successful year completed, some of us will relax for the summer and some of us are already in prep mode for summer classes. To bring some summer fun into your classroom while still making sure you hit all of your standards, we’ve compiled a list of field trips, activities and lessons to explore.

Virtual Field Trips

It’s never been a better time to explore the real world while in virtual space. The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration is a wonderful resource for discovering new ways to teach content. Below are a few highlights, but be sure to explore all the available programs!

Field Trips

No matter where you are in the great state of Ohio, there’s a place where history comes alive for you to explore. Discover Ohio’s contribution to the history of aeronautics with the Armstrong Air & Space Museum; celebrate the bicentennial of Ulysses S. Grant at his boyhood home; visit the Schoenbrunn Village; Or come visit us at the Ohio History Connection and experience the Ohio Village! Find the historic site or museum near you and go explore!

In Class Activities & Resources

Looking for something closer to home? Below are some free interactive activities, units and lessons that are a great way to bring some fun into your summer classroom.

  • Start with a Book– Ages 3-12. Resources include book recommendations, hands-on activities, summer writing activities, podcasts, apps, and websites that allow your students to dive deeper into civics and government.
  • Youth Stand Up– Grades 6-12. Designed to “inspire, equip, and empower…emerging student citizens” as they work to create change, Youth Stand Up offers a collection of interactive lessons to help students organize their ideas, videos by young civic leaders, and activities that help students work toward bringing about change they believe in.
  • Mission US– Grades 6-8. Explore crucial moments in United States history with these interactive activities. Topics include the American Revolution, the Underground Railroad, immigration, and the Great Depression among others! Students can make choices to impact the narrative and “illuminate how ordinary people experienced the past.”

Looking Ahead

Even though summer is just beginning, it’s never too early to start planning for the next school year. The resources below can help get your upcoming school year started right!

  • Free Classroom Books Resources– A list of resources from the NEA to help you get free physical books into your classroom as well as websites where you can access free books to read online, audiobooks and read alouds.
  • Professional Development– Get a leg up on professional development before the school year officially starts! The PBS Professional Development site contains a collection of videos, interactive lessons and more! PD lessons focus on topics like effective instruction, assessment, and learning environments.
  • Google Teacher Certification– Educator Certifications are great ways to learn valuable technology skills or just refresh the skills you already have. Learn how to effectively use different Google tools in your classroom and if you’d like to share your expertise with others, explore becoming a certified trainer, coach or innovator.

Good luck and happy planning!


Blog image citation: Orr, Jean. “English language learners with tutor”.  Photograph. Westerville, OH: Ohio History Connection, 1976. From OARBAC Spirit of Ohio Bicentennial Photo Contest Collection. (Accessed May 26, 2022).


Posted May 31, 2022

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