Space Archaeology

This recent article from demonstrates how new technology is helping us discover more about our past…from satellites in space. Just amazing! On a similar, but somewhat different note, work is presently being done in Ohio using LiDar which allows us to see earthworks that are ‘hidden’ by tree cover.  Two such examples, provided to us by Jarrod Burks of Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., are of Fort Hill and the New Love Group.  In both pictures the earthworks are clearly visible.  Fort Hill is the roughly  hour-glass shaped earthwork and the New Love Works are side-by-side, squarish circles (a.k.a. squircles).  Technological advances such as these and the various archaeological geophysical survey techniques are helping map the ancient world in increasingly marvelous ways.

I, like the author, am looking forward to what these new tools will reveal.   Fort Hill LiDARNewlove Group LiDAR

Posted October 14, 2013
Topics: Archaeology

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