ohio_archLSerpent Mound is the best-known mound in North America and probably the world. It is featured on the covers of George Milner’s 2004 book The Moundbuilders: ancient peoples of eastern North America as well as my own 2005 book Ohio Archaeology: an illustrated chronicle of Ohio’s ancient American Indian cultures. Now it’s the star of the 2013 Ohio Archaeology Month Poster! The image on the poster is not a traditional aerial photograph, such as the ones used for the book covers. It is, instead, a LiDAR image of the world’s largest effigy mound. Although the image may look computer enhanced, LiDAR really is just another kind of photography, but instead of using reflected visible light to create the image LiDAR uses reflected laser beams. A good way to celebrate archaeology month would be to visit Serpent Mound! As you walk along the undulating curves of this monumental serpent you will gain a firsthand appreciation of the achievements of Ohio’s American Indian cultures.

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Posted October 9, 2013
Topics: Archaeology

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