“Secrets of the Valley: prehistory of the Kanawha” is a new video produced by the Paradise Film Institute at West Virginia State University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

It is based on the archaeological research conducted for the Marmet Lock Replacement Project in Belle, West Virginia, by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This research constituted the most extensive professional excavation in the history of the Kanawha Valley and the video, which premiered on October 14, 2010, is a short (28 minutes), but effective summary of the prehistory of the valley and how archaeologists have learned what we know about it. It is a terrific resource for learning about the archaeology of the region.

The video was created by the award-winning team that produced Red Salt and Reynolds and Ghosts of Green Bottom, both of which deal with the historical archaeology of the Kanawha Valley. Secrets of the Valley is the final installment in the historic trilogy.

The DVD is available for $12 plus $3.00 shipping from the West Virginia Archeological Society (P.O. Box 300, Hurricane, WV 25526). It also is available for purchase at the Grave Creek Mound museum.

The two previous films are available to watch on the Archaeology Channel website:

Posted January 10, 2011
Topics: Archaeology

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