Beginning Research

Collection and site researchers are encouraged to explore our Online Collection Catalog and our index of Historic Sites and Museums to form an initial research proposal. Our staff are able to assist you in identifying potential collections, specific materials, or sites to focus your research on. For assistance, please Contact our Collections Department.


Research and the American Indian Policy

In 2019, the Ohio History Connection adopted the American Indian Policy. The Policy applies to the treatment of American Indian sites, Ancestors, objects and associated documentation. Written authorization from affiliated Tribal Nations must be obtained prior to the acceptance of the research request. Researchers are encouraged to incorporate consultation with affiliated Tribal Nations during the development of their research proposals. Preliminary support or direct participation of Tribal Nations in the research development phase may expedite the review process. Without this preliminary support, researchers should expect a longer than ordinary time frame in the review of their application and in the completion of their research.

Ohio History Connection staff may assist researchers in helping to identify the appropriate affiliated tribe(s) and their respective contact information or visit our American Indian Relations page for resources. In general, Tribal Nations are supportive of research conducted by qualified professionals which furthers the scientific understanding for their tribe.

Did you know?

Ohio History Connection curates over 1.8 million objects in our history, natural history and archaeology collections and maintains over 50 cultural and natural history sites.

Collections Research Application

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Collections Research - Objects

The Ohio History Connection curates over 100,000 objects in our History Collection, over 40,000 objects in our Natural History Collection, and over 1 million objects in our Archaeology Collection. Our collections reflect the entire history of Ohio.

Brief Research Appointments

Visits to our History, Natural History and Archaeology collections by outside researchers may take place prior to the submission of a formal proposal at the discretion of the staff member in charge of a particular collection. These brief research appointments help the researcher to better refine their research proposal and can include a review of identifications, measurements of a small number of objects for research, gathering data not obvious from computerized records, and other brief, non-invasive examinations of Ohio History Connection materials. Visits that last a portion of one day might qualify as brief under this section. All reviews that require photography, destructive sampling, or greater utilization of staff time and space would be subject to the more formal procedures that follow. For assistance in assessing your research request, please Contact our Collections Department.

Object Loans

Researchers may request the loan of specific collections for study if it is not practical for them to examine the materials at the Ohio History Connection collections facility. Ohio History Connection’s policy and procedures regarding outgoing loans are available from the Registrar’s Office.

Archival Research - Manuscripts, Archives & Audiovisual

Visit our Archives & Library page for more information about conducting archival research at the Ohio History Connection.

Archaeological Site Research

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Archaeological Site Research

From American Indian Earthworks to American military forts, the Ohio History Connection maintains over 58 sites.  We welcome site research applications pertaining to all pre- and post-contact archaeological investigation. At this time, we are currently most interested in and prioritizing archaeological research pertaining to our historic properties.

Natural History Site Research

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Research at Natural History Sites

Visit our Natural History Collections page for more information about site research.

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