Re-opening the Book to Fort Laurenss Past

Slide1Have you ever asked yourself I wonder if Indiana Jones was a great archaeologist? Many of us in the field will smile and think warmly of the fictional character when we are asked this question. I always state that I love the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it is only a movie about a fictional character. Indiana (which was the dogs name) opened many of our eyes to the wonderful world of archaeology and for that I am greatly appreciative. As a working archaeologist I am a bit surprised when people ask if my job is really like that. To which I reply no, it is far more exciting! (And I am not kidding!)  Instead of only finding an artifact and storing it away in a large warehouse, we get to learn as much as possible about the object, the people that made it and if it is tied to cultures outside of our state. That is by far more interesting. Currently, Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. is conducting excavations at Fort Laurens, a Revolutionary War fort here in Ohio, to learn more about the structure of the fort. So far, they have discovered several fort-era nails, musket balls (both fired and not fired), buttons and even American Indian projectile points that long predate the forts occupation. So if you are still wondering if Indiana Jones was a great archaeologist, you can come by Fort Laurens and see for yourself. Slide2 Dr. Jarrod Burks and Dr. Albert Pecora will be working at the site every day until July 16th, 2014. During the weekend of July 12th and July 13th the Friends of Fort Laurens will be conducting the Re-enactment of the Revolution and you can talk with one of the archaeologists to find out what other discoveries have been made. If you are not afraid to get dirty and want to learn more about archaeology, volunteers are welcome to participate. Wear comfortable shoes, long pants, and bring your work gloves. You would be amazed how quickly soil in a screen can give you blisters. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. For those of you that only want to watch, bring your cameras, there is a lot to see. Slide3 Hope to see you all there! Kellie Rogers

Posted July 8, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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