Primary Source of the Month


This invitation was issued by supporters of William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) for a meeting in Chillicothe. Harrison agreed to come to Ross County and delivered a two hour-long speech. The citizens of Chillicothe held a huge celebration with parades and a log cabin raising. The invitation measures 7.5 by 9.5 inches (19.05 by 24.13 cm). To view this document larger and learn more, view it on Ohio Memory.

Your students can use this Primary Source Analysis Worksheet to help guide their analysis of this document.

William Henry Harrison was born in Pennsylvania, but we claim him as one of Ohio’s eight presidents because of his early political ties to our state as the territory’s first representative to Congress. He is also buried here! Learn more about visiting his tomb here.

Stay tuned for more Presidents Day history in the coming weeks!


Posted January 28, 2020
Topics: African American History

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