Pickawillany 2010: Days 11-12

Pickawillany 2010: Days 11-12

Ah, the final day of field school. Yes, still hot and humid and, yes, more discoveries being made!

The main feature this year has been feature 10. It is proving to be a very complex, layered feature that extends deeper than the approximate 3 feet that was excavated this year (photo 1 is profile map). Work will continue here next year and it will be very interesting to see what is yet to be revealed about the nature of this feature.

Features 60 and 61 were located in the second investigation area on the final day of work and appear to be consistent with other Pickawillany era pit type features discovered the past two field seasons. Undoubtedly they willbe systematically excavated next field season.
While it was hard to pull away from features still awaiting investigation the time for shovels and trowels had come to an end. The students focused on taking additional notes, mapping in their features and on the last day filling in the units that have been part of their lives over the past 3 weeks.

We at OHS thank the students, staff and volunteers for all of their hard work. Their efforts will provide additional information on how the people lived and used the landform and improve site interpretation.

Thanks for a job well done!

Posted August 14, 2010
Topics: Archaeology

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