Pickawillany 2010: Day 7

Pickawillany 2010: Day 7

Today it reached 90 degrees at the work site and was pretty darn humid. At one point very humid, as in rain that you can see rushing in from the west which was accompanied by “too close for comfort” lightening strikes (photo 1). The wind kicked up so much it knocked over the port-o-johns but luckily for us they didn’t spill their contents and were pretty easy to put back into their upright positions.

Features 6 and 10 were opened today (photo 2). Feature 6 seems to be getting morecomplex and may not be just a post mould but could be part of a larger feature. Feature 10 appears to be a trash pit at this point. Artifacts from this feature today includes animal bone, flint flakes, two small white seed beads and a gun buttplate with a fleur-di-lie design (photo 3).

The second excavation area contains several features that are yet to be assigned feature numbers. One thing we did learn though; the large metal detector hit from 2002 turned out to be a Budweiser can, likely thrown in by people recovering metal artifacts from the property before 2000. Drats! However, this same feature has yielded Pickawillany era artifacts so even though the area had been disturbed in the past the feature can still help us understand how Pickawillany inhabitants lived. Today we recovered animal bone, flint, glass fragments and a nice french gun flint from this area of investigation (photo 4).

Posted August 4, 2010
Topics: Archaeology

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