Pickawillany 2010: Day 1


Pickawillany 2010: Day 1

Hocking College arrived on site today to begin excavations at the site of Pickawillany. Led by Dr. Annette G. Ericksen and assistant Bob Brown, 10 students will have the chance to learn archaeological techniques and hopefully provide additional information about the location of the traders cabins and stockade.

When they arrived they were given an on-site orientation by Bill Pickard (top photo) and afterward additional information and museum tour was provided by site manager Andy Hite (middle photo). Back at the site they staked out their areas of investigation. One of the features they will be looking at was uncovered but not investigated last year (large brown spot in bottom photo) and everyone is really interested to see what clues this feature will give us about the day to day activities of the people who lived here.

Stay tuned over the next three weeks for updates because the work is just getting started and the shovels and trowels will begin uncovering the past tomorrow!

Posted July 26, 2010
Topics: Archaeology

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