New Collections Available to Researchers November 2008


The Manuscripts & Audiovisual Team at the Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript and audiovisual collections are housed at the Society’s headquarters, the Ohio Historical Center, in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please go to our Online Collections Catalog at  The catalog is available on the web twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title. 

An interesting item cataloged in October is a broadside alerting the people of Ross County, Ohio to the approach of Confederate raider, General John Hunt Morgan, in 1863.  Records for Manuscript & Audiovisual collections are regularly added to the catalog. We will continue to post monthly updates on our progress.   

Broadside Alerting the People of Ross County, Ohio to the Approach of Confederate Raider, General John Hunt Morgan, in 1863Broadside Alerting the People of Ross County, Ohio to the Approach of Confederate Raider, General John Hunt Morgan, in 1863

 Call Number      Title

AV 107             Ohio Bridges Photograph Collection

 AV 114             Ohio Water Commission

 AV 168             Wood Family Collection

 AV 175             Charles ONeal Collection

 AV 180             Ohio Institute for Feeble Minded Youth Lantern Slide Collection

 AV 182             Ohio Senators Negative Collection

 AV 187             Eilbert, Doelker, Deutsch Family Collection

OVS 7303         The NAMES Project Aids Memorial Quilt Poster

OVS 7304         Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Awareness Week Poster

 OVS 7305         Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Awareness Week Poster

 P 385                Elis F. Miller Collection

SC 5021            Advertising Cards

SC 5543            Mary Rose Oakar

SC 5764            Cherubs Print

SC 5765            Chillicothe Centennial

SC 5766            Columbus, Ohio Photographs

SC 5767            Marion Steam Shovel Company, type 5561 electric steam shovel

VFM 5669         To the People of Ross County!

 VFM 5670         Public Sale

 VFM 5672         Dance Invitations

 VFM 5673         The Ohio Eagle newspaper, December 19, 1816

 VFM 5680         Ohio Bridge Company Advertisements

 VFM 5684         The Register Leader newspaper, March 30, 1913

 VFM 5693         War with Mexico Muster Rolls

 VFM 5696         Sesquicentennial Northwest Territory Expedition Letters

 VFM 5699         Civil War Muster Rolls, Payments and Enlistments

 VFM 5755         30th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry Muster Rolls

 VFM 5756         1958 Rose Bowl and Ohio Sesquicentennial Ephemera


Posted November 7, 2008

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