New Collections Available to Researchers in January

Happy New Year from the Manuscripts & Audiovisual Team at the Ohio Historical Society!  We are pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript and audiovisual collections are housed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please got to our Online Collections Catalog,  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title.  We plan to keep posting these updates on a monthly basis.  Check the Collections blog regularly for more information about collections and programs at the Ohio Historical Society in 2009.


AV 101             Robert Deshon Collection


AV 167             Cincinnati, Ohio Slide Collection


AV 174             Ohio Historical Center Slides


AV 185             Artists on Art Collection


AV 189             Mike DiSalle: Ohios Working Governor


AV 194             NBC Covers the Ohio River Floods


AV 195             Donald MacBain Slide Collection


AV 197             Richardson Family Slide Collection


MSS 340 AV     John W. Bricker Papers Photograph Series


MSS 388 AV     John J. Gilligan Papers Audiovisual Series


OVS 7251         Michael DiSalle Campaign Poster


OVS 7256         Richard F. Celeste Campaign Poster


OVS 7257         Tony Hall Campaign Poster


OVS 7260         George C. Smith Campaign Poster


OVS 7323         Ballot Text for Questions and Issues


OVS 7324         Elizabeth Argast at Cedar Bog


OVS 7325         Cedar Bog


SC 5770            Cedar Bog


VFM 5811         Keen Kut, Office Training School Newsletter


VFM 5818         Northwest Territory Celebration Commission


VFM 5821         Reinhardt N. Ausmus Papers


VFM 5824         Erskine B. Fullerton Correspondence


VFM 5825         Joseph Arthur Papers


VFM 5826         Thomas B. Whiley, Certificate of Naturalization


VFM 5827         George W. Morgan Letters


VFM 5828         Samuel Shellabarger Letters 


VFM 5829         John Sherman Letter


VFM 5830         George Crook Letter


VFM 5831         Ohio Adjutant General Letter


VFM 5832         Charles Price Typescript


VFM 5833         18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company H Listing


VFM 5834         Society for Industrial Archeology 1996 Fall Tour of Central

                        Ohio, A guide to the Sites


VFM 5835        The Summit County Historical Society Scrapbook 


VFM 5836         Schoenbrunn and Gnadenhutten Clippings 


VFM 5837         Catalogue of 262 Documents in Ohio Governors’ Papers on

                        Michigan-Ohio Boundary Dispute


VFM 5838         Military Commission Signed by Jeremiah Morrow


VFM 5839         New Orphan Asylum for Colored Children Papers


VFM 5840         Dormire Family Depostion


VFM 5841         Mayors Proclamation by J.F. Seas


VFM 5842         Cartoonist Jesse Mack of Sandusky, O.


VFM 5843         Attention Voters! Affidavit of Augustus Draime 


VFM 5844         Henry B. Curtis Letters


VFM 5845         Elizabeth Rickenbacker Letter 


VFM 5846         Kennon-Mitchell Family Papers 


VFM 5847         Richard Mott Letter


VFM 5848         Mattie J. Carpenter Letter 


VFM 5849         Emily Travelli Letter 


VFM 5850         Mary McConaughey Letters


VFM 5851         Reverend Francis Gailey Letters 


VFM 5852        Eddie Rickenbacker, Forgotten Bastards of Iceland



VFM 5853        Ray Sims, List of Commissions


VFM 5854       William McAdams Papers


VFM 5855         Tuscarawas County, Ohio Deeds




Posted January 2, 2009
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