Mummy coffin and OSU History of Art study

photoRecently about twenty Ohio State University History of Art students and Allison Frew, Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of History of Art (pictured third to the right), visited the Ohio History Connection to examine the coffin of Neskhonspakhered, an Egyptian lady who lived and died during the 25th dynasty, circa 760 B.C. to 656 B.C.  As part of the class students needed to examine an item that was authentic to the time period they were studying then write a visual analysis paper. We were more than happy to help them! During their visit curatorial staff was present to answer their questions and one of the most popular ones was how did the mummy coffin get to Ohio. Dr. J. Morton Howell, the United States first ambassador to Egypt was an Ohioan and, upon the resignation of his post, he was presented with two mummies and coffins to take back to Ohio; one came to OHS the other went to the Dayton Museum. For more information on Neskhonspakhered’s coffin and the mummy we call ‘Amunet’ you can visit their page. Our thanks go out to Allison Frew and her students and we look forward to reading  their analysis papers! Linda Pansing  

Posted October 14, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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