Hooray for Summer!

Hooray for Summer!

By: Hannah Brevoort

Summer is finally here! What are your summer plans? We’re excited to be outside in the sunshine, have fun with friends and go to cultural events! And what better way to get excited than by looking at photos of Ohioans in years past doing those same things! Thanks to our very own digital collections on Ohio Memory, we can do just that. Let’s check out some historical summer fun!

Ohio Memory is a great resource for teachers year-round because it lets you and your students experience history through the eyes of real people. Studying Ohio’s presidential heritage? Use Ohio Memory to study photographs, newspaper articles and more about our presidents. How about the rich history and impact of American Indians in Ohio? Yep, Ohio Memory has got that too! Whenever you’re teaching Ohio history, check Ohio Memory for extra resources to enhance your lesson plans.

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Posted June 2, 2017

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