Newark teacher Mary Borgia has written a wonderful new song for the up-coming “Walk with the Ancients” program associated with Newark Earthworks Day this year!

Local Newark radio station WCLT has featured it on its webpage: http://www.wclt.com/cffm/custom/Holy%20Road.mp3 The song is about pilgrims walking from Chillicothe to Newark along what has been called the “Great Hopewell Road.” In one verse, Mary writes — “I hear the hidden moon, Whisper clear and wise, Keep on moving forward, You will watch me rise, Within walls of earth, You won’t believe your eyes We’ll make time stand still, As my light fills the skies.'”

The “Walk with the Ancients” will begin on October 10th at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and end with a grand entrance to the Octagon Earthworks on October 16th. According to Richard Shiels, Director of the Newark Earthworks Center at the Ohio State University Newark Campus and one of the organizers of the event, “We are striving to teach about these Earthworks and, in particular, to teach the idea that these were places of pilgrimage. With World Heritage status on the horizon for both the Hopewell Culture Park and the Newark Earthworks, large numbers of people can be expected to travel to these sites from great distances again.” Even if you can’t make the entire 60-mile pilgrimage, join us in Chillicothe on the 10th and again in Newark on the 16th. For more details, see the Newark Earthworks Center’s webpages: http://newark.osu.edu/earthworks/Pages/WWTA.aspx

Posted October 7, 2009
Topics: Archaeology

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