Image of the Hopewell Earthworks courtesy of CERHAS, University of Cincinnati.

The Heartlands Earthworks Conservancy is a new organization deserving of your attention.

Its’ mission is to preserve and protect ancient Native American earthworks in southern Ohio by purchasing endangered sites as well as by promoting education and research to increase the public’s appreciation of this remarkable legacy.

I’m proud to be an advisor to the HEC’s Board of Trustees, which is made up of some of the leading archaeologists and scholars studying Ohio’s mound-building cultures, including William Dancey, Emeritus Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Ohio State University, Jarrod Burks, Director of Archaeological Geophysics of Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc., Robert Genheimer, George Rieveschl Curator of Archaeology at the Cincinnati Museum Center, and Johh Hancock, Professor of Architecture at the University of Cincinnati. The founder of HEC is Bruce Lombardo, a former site manager at Serpent Mound State Memorial.

If this is a cause you care about, check out the HEC’s website for news and events as well as ways you can be a part of helping fulfill this important mission.







Posted February 16, 2011
Topics: Archaeology

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