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The Great Circle Earthworks site has new interpretive signs!

The new signs will both supplement the interpretation provided in the small Visitor Center and increase the quality of the visitor experience for those unfortunate folks who are at the site during times when the Visitor Center isn’t open. The signs present the results of relatively new research and use the spectacular imagery developed by the University of Cincinnati’s Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites (CERHAS) to help convey the scale and precision of the earthen geometry, which can be surprisingly hard to visualize even when you’re standing right next to it.sign 2 In addition to the Ohio Historical Society’s logo, the new signs also include the logo of the Ancient Ohio Trail, a collaborative project of many sites and institutions, but developed principally by John Hancock and his CERHAS team. The Ancient Ohio Trail website is a travel guide to virtually every publicly-accessible earthwork site in Ohio. CERHAS also worked closely with the Ohio Historical Society staff on the content and design of these terrific new signs! We hope you visit the Great Circle soon and that you find the new signs helpful in understanding this ancient site, which is, of course, only one of the major pieces of the Newark Earthworks puzzle. Brad Lepper

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Posted August 22, 2013
Topics: Archaeology

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