Fighting Emerald Ash Borers at Cedar Bog Nature Preserve

Written by Curator Emeritus Bob Glotzhober


Near the end of August, Matt Schullek of our OHS staff joined me at Cedar Bog to shoot some video and interview me about our project to try and save ash trees. Between May 24th and September 13thof this year we have released more than 16,000 parasitic wasps from three different species. All of these wasps are tiny, non-stinging insects whose only drive in life is to parasitize the exotic introduced Emerald Ash Borer (EAB for short). Millions of ash trees in 17 states have been killed since 2002 when the EAB was introduced from untreated wooden pallets at a seaport in Detroit. Scientists with the USDA searched in China to find critters that attack and control the EAB in their home range. After careful research to assure that they attack nothing other than EAB, they made the wasps available for introductions in this country.

If you have any specific questions about this project, contact [email protected].

Bob Glotzhober
Senior Curator of Natural History


Posted September 14, 2012

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